Wear Your Signs

wardrobe malfunctionRecently, my sister insisted to have dinner in town and yours truly had the misfortune to be caught unaware in a pair of shorts, a slightly oversized shirt and flip-flops. As we walked pass a favorite retail outlet of mine, a special hour sale was on-going and there were retail assistants handing out discounted coupons to passers-by in the mall. Making a bee-line toward these girls, I tried to keep calm while slowly reaching out for a coupon. To my dismay, not only did the assistant not hand me one after a quick glance at my outfit, she moved a little distance away.
Are we all guilty of judging appearances based on what an individual is wearing at a particular moment? A person dons multiple outfits for various purposes in their daily lives. Sure, the retail assistant was not at fault to not have handed out a coupon that may not be utilized by a non-potential buyer. What if a potential buyer was just having a ‘fashion disaster day' and the coupon was a much needed pick-me-up? In occasions such as these, it is difficult to figure out what a person's style may be if they are wearing old shorts and a raggedy shirt.
Many, including yours truly, have formed first impressions of strangers by the outfits they wear: a person in a suit would be regarded with more courtesy than one in a pair of jeans. Many also argue that the attention one pays to their outfits is a clear indication of a person's character. This would hold true in settings where formal wear is necessary. Perhaps a lesser degree of attention should be paid to how a person dresses. After all, a person does not simply wear suits on a daily basis, even to the market. Yours truly should have requested for a discount coupon if only to see the assistant's reaction.
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