Too Young To Be Fashionable

Pick any girls randomly on the streets of any city and ask them if they know what MTV and Hollywood is. You are most likely to receive a nod and an interested response to know further what your questionnaire is about.teenage fashion
With these two entertainment providers dominating an international market, it is no surprise that the younger generation is becoming more fashion-conscious at a younger age. Gone are the days where mommy or daddy picks the outfit of the day with no fuss from the child. Nowadays, the child is more likely to choose their outfits or criticize the clothing found in their closets. In fact, hand-me-downs are fast becoming a marker of financial status and no child would willingly admit to wearing a second-hand item.
We see (and some follow avidly) celebrities fashionably dressed for all occasions when caught on camera. With the difference in spending power for the general masses, people hope to follow closely to their favorite celebrities' choice of clothing. In fact, celebrities' children have followers of their own. Suri Cruise, 7-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has a blogsite run by a fan, dedicated to the outfits she wears. In fact, Suri is seen as a child fashionista by some and her decisions, such as getting her ears pierced, are commented over and even scrutinized in famous gossip columnist, Perez Hilton's, website.
When does one decide the age to be fashionable? Sure, babies and toddlers are fun to play dress up with but as they grow, so does the price of their clothing. Some consider it a sacrilege to buy cheap clothes to look good but some on the other hand of the spectrum make do with their budget. Let us agree to concur that fashion comes to all ages in various ways and one can never be too young to be fashionable.
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